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Want peace of mind for years to come? Our cohesive and comprehensive Fully Integrated Roofing System is tried-and-true and ensured to protect your home in full. You can be confident our team of trained experts and friendly roofers will deliver the longest lasting and most durable solutions.


  1. To ensure quality, we assign and dedicate a project manager to every account.
  2. First we tear the roof down to bare plywood and replace all rotten decking.
  3. For a secure and superior hold, we renail the decking with 2 ⅜” ring shank nails.
  4. Although not a requirement, we install 30-pounds of felt. This is even more effective with 2 water barriers, making future roof repairs much easier. (As opposed to applying the peel and stick directly to the decking.)
  5. Felt installation is reinforced with tin tags and 1 ¼” ring shank nails. (We do not use plastic, as plastic tends to leak and break.)
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  7. The superior nailing pattern we follow lifts our professional quality levels above the competition: 12” off-center and 6” on the laps. (This is not required on Marco Island, but it is Miami-Dade code.)
  8. Prior to the barrier installation, we weave the felt into the valleys to create a superior initial water barrier.
  9. We place roofing cement under the valley metal, where the nails will not penetrate, to create a superior seal.
  10. Once the nailing is complete, we then apply another layer of roofing cement and mesh for a more permanent seal. This is the membrane over the nail holes and edges of the valley metal.
  11. We then install pipe lead boots, vents, drip edge, and flashing as necessary.
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  13. Once installation is complete, we follow the same superior water seal process as we did with the valleys for all pipe boots, vents, drip edge and flashing.
  14. Prior to the installation of the peel and stick layer, we next prime all the valley metal and flashings.
  15. We then follow through by installing the peel and stick layer right over top of the felt, providing the entire roof with 2 water barriers and up to 5 layers of protection in the valleys where most water tends to travel.
  16. By installing two under laminates, we remove the risk of having to replace the decking. If disaster strikes and you need another repair, there will have been 2 water barriers protecting your roof instead of just 1.
  17. Once that is fully integrated, roofing protocol is followed. Laying the metal or tile is an exact science that no one does better than Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc.


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