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If you live in Texas, you’re probably well aware of how much damage a hail or wind storm can bring to your roof. Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc has provided professional residential and commercial roofing needs for Texans since 2011. We deliver the best overall value for all your roofing needs. Maximize protection against wind, uplift, water penetration, and hail storms with performance you can trust.

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Shingles tend to be favored among roofers, residential homeowners, and commercial businesses because they are durable and their cost can be relatively inexpensive. Benefits of asphalt shingles include the choice of customizing from a variety of colors and styles. Asphalt shingles install with ease and are suitable for a wide range of both hot and cold temperatures. They provide reliable waterproofing against heavy rain and wind and make a great all-around choice for your every roofing need. Call today and Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc can install your asphalt shingle roof in no time at all!

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Flat Roofing:

In the roofing industry, flat roofs are known to be a difficult task as they must be completely level for water drainage and cannot afford to have any seams open or the roof will leak. Lucky for you, Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc in Florida, Texas, & Oklahoma specializes in “Flat Roofing” to ensure your roof is done right the first time. And not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but flat roofs provide a safer option as well since they are usually easy to access and there is less chance of falling when you are on top of it. Another bonus is that they are typically less expensive to install than sloped roofs.

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Ceramic, Clay, Spanish and Concrete tile roofs give beautiful accents to your residential home. These types of roofs traditionally last longer than asphalt tile roofing and can boost your homes’ appearance. The roofing experts at the Texas division of Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc specialize in ceramic, clay, and Spanish tile roofing.




Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc offers complete gutter systems, gutter installation and repairs, damaged gutter sectional replacement, gutter hail damage assessment, gutter re-hanging, and downspout repair or replacement for all your residential or commercial needs.




Metal roofs have become increasingly viable for residential and commercial roofing needs. Metal roofing is lightweight and can be low maintenance. It’s even a better choice for the environment. However, installation can be tricky for roofing companies that do not specialize in “Metal Roofing” regardless of the shape and size of the roof. Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc specializes in metal roofing and has the expertise to help you secure a long-lasting beautiful metal roof.




Roof certifications are an issued statement of opinion from a licensed roofer who deems the roof has a life expectancy of up to 5 years and is FHA compliant. Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc specializes in roofing certification in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma.

First, Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc conducts a thorough roof inspection to assess the rooftops’ current condition and to uncover any deficiencies that the roof may have. Typically, the process starts with an interior inspection and then moves outside. Pictures are taken from several angels and vantage points for every roof certification.

We also issue roof certifications for property owners who need one to sell their home or office building. Because they can be required in a complete real estate transaction, roof certifications are typically performed prior to the close of escrow. Upon scheduling a roof certification with Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc, we will be quick to send one of our experts to inspect your roof. We check for leaks and spots where water might seep through or pool up. Roof certifications can be performed for the buyer, seller, or the real estate company that is managing the transaction. We can certify a roof for a one to three-year period. The certification essentially serves as a warranty against water damage and leaks during that time frame so that you can have peace of mind for the years to come.


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